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Carpet Cleaning:
100% Residue Free and 100% Earth Friendly carpet cleaning agents along with our revolutionary high powered extraction process designed for carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning. Now is a great time to have your carpet cleaned.  

*Review and discuss any heavily soiled traffic areas or traffic patterns

before carpet cleaning.
*Review overall process and estimate amount of time to complete

carpet cleaning.
*Answer any questions that the customer may have related

to carpet cleaning.                 
*Pre-treat required areas of carpet to ensure thorough carpet cleaning.
*Carpet Cleaning area using a hot water extraction method.
*Complete carpet cleaning fiber rinse to ensure removal of all

detergents that have been applied during the carpet cleaning process.
*Apply air movers for initial speed drying of carpet cleaning.
*Apply deodorizer and protector after carpet cleaning at the

customers request.
*Groom rake all areas after carpet cleaning. This process will

enhance the appearance of the carpet    fibers after carpet cleaning..
*Review carpet cleaning meets customer expectation. 

Carpet Drying Tips:
Air movement such as, open windows, air conditioning, ceiling fans, area fans, etc. will accelerate and reduce drying time after carpet cleaning.

Pet Odor Elimination: 
Pet stains and odors are a source of concern for many of our customers.   We offer an optional treatment to address these issues.  Our pet odor eliminator is an enzymatic cleaning agent that destroys odors at their source for permanent odor removal.  Our pet odor eliminator has been designed specifically for removing odors caused by urine and other offensive matter by digesting odor causing bacteria in carpet and upholstery.  Our pet odor eliminator contains special PH resistant enzymes that completely eliminate offensive odors instead of providing a temporary mask.  Because this formulation contains no harsh chemicals it is non-toxic and safe for use in the home. Pat's is more than just a carpet cleaning service.

Stain Guard Protection:
If carpet is in good or better condition,  add life to carpet and upholstery by adding Stain Guard Protection. Stain Guard Protection prevents  staining of  carpet or upholstery by "blocking open dye sites".  When carpet or upholstery is manufactured, a certain amount of the available "dye sites" are used to create it’s color and appearance, rest of the "dye sites" were left open creating potential homes for stains and soils.  Untreated, "open dye sites" allow soils and stains to bond to carpet fiber creating permanent stains.  Stain Guard Protection seals these "open dye sites" protecting the fibers from soils and stains.   This  allows carpet to clean up beautifully next time it is cleaned.